Monday, June 7, 2010

Oklahoma Weekend

Wow I had such a great time in Oklahoma this past weekend. It was filled with events and I just am super exhausted. Friday I drove down there and arrived in the afternoon. I stayed with Sharry, Dannie, and Jessica. I love their house! Anywho it was Bell and El's bday so we went to Chilis for dinner then out to Neds. Good ole Neds haha. I got to hang out with a bunch of my Delta Zeta's and saw some other friends too. I had Jessica and Dannie do my hair and make up which was fun. Here is a fun pic from the night:

Saturday morning was Allison's baby shower which was a lot of fun. She is so cute and her baby bump is presh! She got so much cute stuff and I am glad I was able to attend!

After the baby shower I roadtripped it to Tulsa where I stayed with Lynsie. I loved her apt. I hung out there before I got ready for Ellie and Paul's wedding. It was so beautiful and Ellie looked amazing. Ellie and I played NSU soccer together and she was one of my roomies my senior year. We are super close and I really love her. It was worth the drive to see my bebe El!!

Later that night Lynsie and I went to Los Cabos and saw Bradders. He is one of the groomsmen in the wedding and a good friend. I was super glad to see him :)

Sunday was my bridal shower. So exciting! My big, lil, and friend Kristy hosted this for me. Soccer friends, Delta Zeta's, and friends came and showered me with so many amazing gifts!!! I feel very blessed that this was thrown for me and that I am still so close to these people. It's like I never left.

All in all it was a great weekend!! This week I am nannying full stop and I am getting ready for another shower this Saturday. It will be with Dallas buddies! I am super excited. I am blessed! It is also the big USA vs England game this Saturday!! Get ready for a fun weekend.

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