Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving and then some

I usually only blog about once a month but I am going to try and be better. Since I love cooking I think I will blog on recipes I try. I have the ingredients for 3 new recipes that I can't wait to try. Maureen's Tomato Soup, Lynsie's Chicken Straganoff, and EZ 1-2-3 turkey chili- HG.

Thanksgiving was great. We went to the lake and celebrated my 25th bday! Lordie can't believe I am 25! We also enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving with my brother's fiance's family. They were a lot of fun. I forgot my camera so don't have many pics from the weekend.

We did put up our 1st xmas tree! We have a lot of cute wedding ornaments! Soccer too! It's great and we are starting a tradition that we get each other an ornament every year so our tree is full and covered :)

Our baby girl is doing great! She is so good and loving us! She loved the lake and being able to just run! OK here are some pics I do have.

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