Sunday, January 8, 2012

1st Week Is Over!! On to the next..

So my first week of the low-carb E-mealz food was great. I also have cut down my portions in general and I can't wait to notice differences. It really helps having my husband supporting me as well. He is wanting to make differences to himself and all the more motivation to support each other. Our last meal was a Steak and Veggie soup and holy crap it was awesome! It was the same meat from the Italian Crock Pot Roast Beef with mixed veggies, broth, and a few other things. I think it was my favorite. We were able to have that with a whole wheat pita cut up and baked with some Olive Oil and sea salt and it was yummy and crunchy to dip in my soup. I enjoyed the bit of bread lol. I am doing my best to take pictures of all the meals so here are the pita chips and soup.

I wondered once the weekend came what we would eat and what not. Friday night I had made a chicken breast with rotel and cheese for dinner. It was delicious. I have been proud of myself for not being tempted with bad food. Saturday went well, I had my high school alumni soccer game which was a hoot. It was good to see some old faces and play some soccer. I made eggs and turkey bacon that morning before the scrimmage. I added rotel to the eggs so it gave them a kick. It was yummy. We then went to the auditorium where they were serving pizza and salad.. I can't tell you how I wanted just one piece but I resisted( unlike my hubby who had 4 pieces of pizza and 3-4 cookies!!) We also took home a pizza which he has been slowly finishing since we got it! We then went to Starbucks to meet two of my bestest friends and I got almonds(no carbs) and a Skinny Peppermint Mocha with only 1 pump of mocha and 1 pump of peppermint. I looked up the stats and it had 22 carbs for a tall but I treated myself since I just played a 70 minute soccer game and resisted the pizza lol.

We then went to the mall to check out GNC. I wasn't in the mood, but my hubby did spend the whole day doing what I wanted so we went and he was looking into something that would give him energy to work out. We have both been tired and not in the mood to work out. I worked out T-TH last week and played soccer Saturday but we haven't really been motivated and to be honest I am so glad when my 30-mintes on the elliptical is over, it has kind of been hard to get motivated. It helps having all the people in my office on the band wagon but I want this to be permanent and not just another "New Years Resolution". Anyways we ended up getting this stuff called Jack'd and it is supposed to give you the energy you need to work out. I am really looking forward to using this! I also got Total Lean Chocolate and Cookies and Cream protein powder. I know what you are thinking but this will help flush the fat cells and tone me. I am supposed to mix it in my breakfast smoothies and have another one around lunch or after my workout. I got a FREE shaker bottle with the purchase of the protein PLUS it was buy 1 get one 50% off AND we got what is called a "Gold Card" which gave us 20% off our total purchase! We saved $53 bucks! Not too bad. I was pleased with what we paid for.

Before we knew it, it was 7pm and I babysat at 8:30 so I came home and showered then just packed up a hard boiled egg, turkey, avocado, and laughing cow cheese. That was my dinner. My dessert was a granny smith apple and let me tell you it hit the spot! I planned on making taco salad(ground turkey of course) and lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, cheese, and salsa.. I guess I will make that tonight instead! lol. I am getting the hang of this low-carb diet and I look forward to cooking this weeks yummy menu-- for a sneak peek it includes.. Pepper Jack Chicken, Gyro Turkey Burgers, Lemon Tilapia, and last but not least Scrambled Egg Fajitas! Since we are using a holiday menu which means it provided 4 meals instead of 5, I will make Chicken Fajita salad( grilled chicken with Claude's Fajita Marinade) with bell peppers and onions. I am loving the new me and looking forward to seeing results! Happy Sunday


  1. Awesome!
    I've done low-carb diets and they really work. Tell me more about this "Jacked" though... having the energy to work out is important and that could be something I need.

  2. It's a top seller. It basically is a stimulant to get you going before your work out. It's a powder and it is suppose to last about a month if you take it daily. I will let you know how it goes!