Thursday, January 12, 2012

Yummy Yummy Food In My Tummy

So this week was great. I loved cooking and being in a routine. This weeks menu excited me because it was more along the lines of food I like! I got new hours at work and Mondays are my late nights so I was ready to cook and eat so I didn't take a picture :( Sorry folks but I did take pictures of everything else and it was pretty good!!

1st meal of the week was Pepper Jack Chicken. It was pretty good. I have never really used the broiler in my oven before and this recipe required it. I was hesitant at first but in the end it make the cheesy jalapeno goodness bubbly and perfect on top of the delicious chicken tenders. I was so tired we only had the chicken.

2nd meal of the week was Gyro Turkey Burgers. Let me start by saying how excited I was about this meal because I LOVE BURGERS! It was pretty good except it called for tortillas to wrap the burgers in but I had pita bread from the week before so I used them and it worked out great! The cucumber salad that went inside the burger called for mayo and let me say I DON'T CARE FOR IT! I think it's super gross so I substituted sour cream and it worked great. I wish I would have seasoned the burgers and cucumber salad better but otherwise it was delicious!

3rd meal of the week was Lemon Tilapia with broccoli and I LOVED it but the only problem was it had issues sticking to the pan. I put some olive oil in the pan and everything.. I have no idea but I couldn't flip the fish to save my life. I think next time I will try to put it in the oven in foil with the lemons. Overall it was light and refreshing.

4th meal of the week was Scrambled Eggs Fajitas.. well let's just say I did it my own way and cooked green bell peppers and 1 jalepeno in the skillet until soft and added the eggs mixed with milk and cheese then scrambled it all together and stuffed it inside pita bread since I already had it. This way I don't waste food. I feel like produce or bread can go bad pretty quick so I wanted to make sure to use it before it went bad. These were pretty good. I added avocados and salsa which just makes everything better.

Over all this weeks menu was great. The new menu for the next week is always posted on Wednesdays so it is definitely something to look forward too. I love cooking and it is one of the highlights of my week to get the next weeks recipe and tweak it to our liking. I wish they had desserts for E-mealz but having fruit or carb friendly treats are doing fine for now.

I am enjoying the whole working out and getting in shape gig thus far. I am looking forward to my first run and in all honesty I am working towards a good time but this run is just for fun. It's a 5K called The Color Run. . I am beyond excited and I am doing it with one of my really good friend's and her sister so it will be a great time either way! I will definitely post pictures. It's about a little over a month away so it gives me plenty of time :)

Here is one last picture of my homemade taco salad I made Sunday night for us. Ground turkey, avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, salsa, and sour cream. It was divine!

Have a great weekend!

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