Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Food Food Food

So the last week I did a terrible job of taking pictures. I was so hungry and by the time I had taken the 1st bite I realized oh shoot I need pictures for the blog haha. So I am sorry in advance for the lack of pics. The hubby and I have done really really well with this whole low-carb dinner situation. E-mealz is super great and makes cooking in the kitchen quick and fun. The meals last week consisted of a lot of eggs. We had a Cheesy Beefy Bake which was basically a breakfast type casserole. I added green bell peppers to it because I love bell peppers. It added a nice extra layer to the recipe. I also substituted ground beef for ground turkey. It was delish!

The next night was a Parmesan Broccoli and Sausage Frittata. This was the first time I have made frittata and let me tell you it was pretty good. Just like an egg pie really. We used turkey sausage and broccoli which was later put on top of the frittata. It was great. Even when I accidently grabbed to stupid hot handle of the skillet after it had been in the oven. OUCH!

I wasn't really in the cooking spirit come Wednesday so I skipped the Chinese Stir Fry with Pork that was supposed to be made that day, and made Thursdays dinner which was Turkey, Bacon, Cheese Paninis. They were yummy to the tummy. Simple and easy too. I wish I had a panini grill but I don't, so I did them in the skillet. A nice easy recipe I will use again for sure!

Thursday, we realize our pork was going to be out of date if we didn't use it, so we made a delicious pork taco recipe my sister forwarded to me many months ago. These were AMAZING! I will definitely be making these again. We got low-carb tortillas and dressed them to perfection. This made for an army as well. We munched on those for days!! haha.

We were naughty over the weekend. My husband decided we should treat ourselves, since we have been so good since the New Year. He decided to take me to one of our favorite restaurants called Blue Goose Cantina. I love this place! We used to go Thursdays for happy hour and just enjoy enjoy enjoy. Now I was hesitant since I have worked my butt off in trying to be better and eat good. Now I know this doesn't mean I won't ever splurge again, but I felt it was too early in the game to cheat now. I ended up getting a taco salad in one of those huge shells they come in. I got shredded chicken and it came with tomatoes, lettuce, sour cream and guacamole. I poured some salsa on top and man oh man was it yummy and satisfying. We also got an order of the loaded queso to start, but I tried my best to resist it!! It was definitely hard because they make homemade tortillas and they are so good! I had 2 but I felt they were deserving. Is it bad I felt guilty about eating chips, salsa, and queso? I have worked out most days and eaten well... I had one margarita too but didn't even finish it because I just want to get in shape. Looks good. It's a constant goal but this is my year. I am not stopping til I am satisfied. I am already noticing changes and I am pleased and looking forward to more.

Saturday I had three soccer games and I had planned to do a big run that day, but that didn't happen and we ended up heading down to my moms house to let our puppy, Rosie play with my brother's dog Lola. They are the bestest of friends! It was cute really. Anyways, back to the soccer.. so after the 1st game we ended up going to Applebees. Now again I was tempted but I was super good and got the Bruschetta Chicken Salad. This salad was delicious and low carb as well. It came with tomatoes, basil, grilled chicken, roasted red bell peppers and black olives. The dish was also served with Crispy Mozzarella Strips but I passed those to a friend who was glad for the snack. I also stuck with water and was super proud of myself. I know restaurants can be tempting but there are always ways to get something healthy. After the last two games I was ready to go home and crash!

Let's fast forward to Monday. I didn't cook Sunday, because we went to a friend's and they cooked dinner for us. We had meat and rice. Yes, I had rice and it was delicious. Again, I know it's carbs but I had just played three games of soccer the night before so I thought it would be ok in moderation. So Monday I made Chicken Parmesan. My hubby LOVED this. It was super easy and yummy. It was filling too. It made a huge amount which we enjoyed for lunch the next day.

That is all for now friends. I am looking forward to sharing more delicious pictures of the recipes we make and hope you continue to enjoy them!

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  1. Mel I am so proud of you!!! everything looks and sounds yummy!!! let me know if you have any low calorie recipes.