Monday, January 16, 2012

Just Dance..

The weekend has come and gone and I am anxiously awaiting the next! I am a weekend brat I do admit. I take full advantage of my weekends and love spending time with friends and my family. This Friday since my hubby felt housebound on our new low-carb/not going out to eat adventure I decided to plan a fun night with my girl Victoria, her hubby and our puppies of course. Victoria is a dear friend from college that moved to Texas about a year ago with her now husband, Tyler and we have really enjoyed hanging out with them. Vicky and I played soccer in college together so we have been pretty close since we met. I was so glad to hear when they moved here. Anyways, she is definitely one to eat well and work out, etc. So I knew I would have no problem seeing about doing a low-carb appetizer fiesta Friday night at their house. On the menu was fresh vegetables with veggie dip. The veggie dip was sour cream and a pack of hidden valley ranch seasoning. It was delicious and carb friendly.

We also had yummy Sausage/Cheese balls. This is a recipe she got from her wedding cookbook and boy was it yummy. It's just bisquick, sausage, and cheese. Now I know this isn't the healthiest, but the balls weren't too big and it's all in moderation.

Chicken wings were also a hit of the menu. We rubbed Frank's Hot Sauce and another Buffalo sauce and coated the boneless skinless chicken tenderloins and Tyler grilled them on the grill. They were very yummy and as always a hit.

The mock-dessert was Jalapenos with peanut butter. This might sound disgusting but trust me they balance each other really well and it is an interesting taste. Vicky introduced me to this a while back and we decided to do it again and it hit the spot.

We shouldn't feel like we can't eat with other people. It is definitely fun to cook and do these gatherings with friends who support your habits. This has been a great month thus far and I am loving the working out and eating better. I can't wait til this is my lifestyle. I can't say it yet because it's only been a few weeks but my goals are set high and I am staying motivated and in the zone for awhile. Some goals I have set for myself...

1) Signed up for The Color Run- 5K run 2/19. I am excited to run this with Victoria and her sister. It will be my first run in a LONNNNNGGGG time to do and it looks super fun! Check it out

2) Sign up for another 5K in May/April.

3) June 10th I am doing a 10K. This is what I am super pumped for.

These are the goals that will be met no matter what!!

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